Dear Flock:

Unlike Shawn I have no difficulty in eating the entire morning baked heaven at Bakery Nouveau – smiling and already fantasizing about my breakfast this Friday.  I’ll see you at 7am for culinary delight, spicy conversation and the company of great friends.  Those crumbs left on my plate – that’ll be all that’s left on your arrival Friday morning.

What did you miss last Friday?

Kim Boyden rocked the house with a fantastic meeting –high energy, speakers on fire and, and, and…

Join me in congratulating Kim on performing at the highest levels as an extraordinary Toastmaster.  Fun, engaging – she scored 10/10/10 from all and wowed our guests.  So much in fact that Amber Goodman, past president, signed up on the spot, put herself on the calendar, gave her membership greenbacks to Jean and will be working the first manual all over – her IceBreaker is scheduled for November 19!

Attendance Count:

12 Flock in Attendance

04 Guests (25% of Friday’s meeting 1 in 4 was a guest)

Time for us to step up attendance!

Featured Speakers:

Steve Iwai “Proposed Project 51”, a compelling and informative speech.

Shawn Terjeson, “This I Believe”, powerful and enlightening

Judy Townsend, “Honeymoon in the Alps” – entertaining, light and frothy.  The perfect sorbet to the gravitas of the morning.

Jill Mount’s Table Topic – What Do You Like Best About Fall?

Bernd, Quixotic Romantic who enjoys the fog, kissing and he’ll stop there…

Jean, Dry Leaves – big piles of them!

Rachel Townsend, “Summer is Over, Quixotic Friends” (this stole the trophy)

Megan (guest): two holidays growing up Halloween and her Birthday

The speaking calendar will be updated on Turbobase tomorrow and new photos of the schedule emailed to all on Tuesday 10/12.

Cheers and see ya Friday

Peter II

Sergeant at Arms