We had a great meeting with many guests returning for the second time and a few new members inspired to join us after last weeks Open House. Jim, our toastmaster, started the day with the most famous quote “Ask not, what your country can do for you. Ask what, you can do for your country” of late John F Kennedy, the 35th president of the US, that inspired him and many others of this generation to participate in politics.

The table topics were very unique and engaging for all of us, because Eddie brought pictures and challenged us to step onto the stage, to pick an image, to look at it, and to give a speech. What a great idea and level playing field for everybody, since all of us had only a few seconds to come up with our table topic speech.

Three speakers were in the house; Steve, Amber, and Peter.  One of the many things I like about toastmasters is to see people grow and excel.

Today, Steve gave us an impressive and enthusiastic historical talk titled “Let it never happen again” about the Japanese-American internment during the 2nd World War. He mixed facts with his own family history and delivered a brilliant speech. Steve has come a long way and today he gave his speech in front of the audience with clear eye contact and no notes, not counting some facts he looked up.

Amber is Queen of the eye contact. She walks right up in front of you and looks you straight into your eyes, while delivering her speech, reeling and hooking the Lister to every word she says.  She spoke about the voting power your and my money has by the way we spend it. Every time we buy something we give power with our money to that store or organization. We have the choice to decide. Her examples were clear and powerful. Her message was “Give your money to those whom you know, go local“.

“I am not going to speak about bicycles”, Peter is the ultimate performer, stepping onto stage and acting his speech, voice and body are synchronized fixating the listener’s eyes, while opening her ears. He gave a powerful and funny speech about his profession, selling insurance, we all already know, delivering it in a masterful and funny way.