I’m pleased to report that I’m a member for another 6 months! I gave my $27 greenbacks to Jean this morning. Did you too renew your membership in the West Seattle Earlybirds?

If you haven’t given Jean a check or a piggy bank full of change or bills that are green, fold and total $27 please make certain to mail your payment:

Checks, Money Orders, Postal Orders all payable to “West Seattle Earlybirds” for $27.00 mailed to Jean.

We’re also the club with a heart – so if an economic downturn means that you need to make your dues payment in a month or so give Jean a call and she’ll handle it with discretion and privacy.

Important: next Friday, one of the newest members of the club and a very talented speaker is a first time Toastmaster of the day. Please join me on the stage of ArtsWest for Kelsey Diller’s debut as Toastmaster. Will she shake up the meeting, change the regular sequence, change the seating, making seating optional – who knows? You’ll have to come to the meeting for the full experience.

On the schedule Humberto Wilson delivers his IceBreaker speech – wow, wow, wow! Steve Iwai, VP of Education, speaks and is undoubtedly speaking from an Advanced Manual. Our Club President is speaking – perhaps a “State of the Union” address? After all he is the Leader and the President of the West Seattle Earlybirds – be prepared to be wowed by our President!

Speaking of the President and VP – new club officers take office July 2011. Beginning next week the sign up for elections begin – time for new members to run the club. The “old guard” is retiring and working on Advanced Manual Speeches in 2011 to 2012!

Last item – mark your calendar, save the date. Area Contest is Friday evening March 25. Peter is attending. Jean is attending. Brian is attending. Kim is a judge. Beth is a judge. And, and, and…

Judy is our speech contestant – let’s cheer loudly and raise the roof of the ERAC Building.

For those that don’t enjoy a marathon contest – skip the potluck and arrive for the speeches (you can always duck out after Judy wins the trophy!). Details: District Website at http://www.d2tm.org/

Friday, March 25 2011, 6:00pm – 9:30pm — International Speech & Evaluation Contests

15675 Ambaum Boulevard Southwest
Burien, WA 98166-2523

Cheers and many thanks

Soon to be your Past Sergeant at Arms

Peter II