Hello Flock:

The Earlybirds have a high soaring extraordinary “bird” in the flock. Judy Townsend wowed a capacity crowd at last night’s Division D contest. The Earlybirds showed up and as a club – gotta have had the most members present cheering for their contestant.

The speech delivery – flawless. Judy’s smile – connected with all corners of the room.

The applause thunderous!

Sadly Judy didn’t leave with the trophy last night – but she left knowing that she had stepped outside of her comfort zone, performed on the big stage. And in the hearts and minds of those Earlybirds present knew that her judges, teammates and friends all concurred Judy placed first in our rankings!

Congrats to Judy! Thrilled to report that Judy and Kim will be attending the Division D Conference representing the Earlybirds. And that we all will receive their Conference Update in a couple of weeks!

Many many congrats to Judy – hope you enjoy your day on the mountain and have fantastic skiing conditions!

Peter II