to President Brian who derail the weather complaints through strategic turnarounds

Inspiration ” Mile by mile, life’s a trial. Inch by inch, it’s a cinch” In tribute to our rock and roll marathon runner Teresa Jordan.

Word of the day “Euphoria” – A strong feeling of happiness

Humberto brought us a reflective choose your question topic of the day with many people telling us what animal they would be if they were reincarnated – on both ends of the spectrum were Rodney who hates animals and would be a fly so that life would be short and Lily who believes she would like to come back again as a human animal.

As to the perfect vacation, Eddie took us on a biblical tour to all the big sites and events.

Guest Aaron took the table topics trophy home with the central theme of helping victims of trauma. We hope to see you back again.

Another guest of the day Monir took the first step to overcoming the worst fear of most people and took to the stage to share her wish to come back as a bird.

We also welcomed guest Phillip to our meeting and hope to get a chance to hear from him next time.

Chantal took home the big bull with a perfect speech titled “Be Yourself” ending with a nod to our departing president as her inspiration.

Big Jim had me in tears with his Brian farewell and Steve gave us one of his best speeches ever. Steve completed his second speech in an advanced manual and the race is on to the next level.

Brian thanked all our 2010-11 officers and welcomed the new co prez’s Kim and Beth.

No meeting 7/1. We will see you all 7/8!!