So yeah, um, err, ah, ya know? If you talk like this….. To ArtsWest you must go!

Our beautiful President Beth Dewey kicked off today’s meeting with these announcements:

  • Welcome back Rodney Hanscomb with guests Ivan and Sergey
  • Welcome guest, Dana, from Emerald City Toastmasters
  • We have two new members – Andrew Cartwright and Phillip Brannon
  • Fall Picnic @ Chez Pierre on September 10th. We need volunteers to cajole, coordinate and cook.
  • Feed the Kitty! We take cash, checks and coming soon – PayPal. $3.00 to $5.00 per week helps to support ArtsWest, fund group activities, send members to Toastmaster conferences and purchase items for the club. Your donation makes all the difference!

Consummate Toastmaster Beeson, Peter Beeson rocked a Macro meeting. We had Russian, Rubles and two Manly Man Speakers!

First Man up, Rodney Hanscomb beguiled us with his speech, “Open Water Swim, The New Toastmasters”. Rodney braved cold waters and bridged two languages to illustrate the importance of continuing to challenge oneself both mentally and physically. English or Russian, Rodney commands our attention and inspires us to keep walking on the edge.

Second to no one, Professor Larry Puffert, had something to say in his speech , “That’s What He Said!”. Larry lamented the campaign promises of Barack Obama and questioned his motives. Whether you lean to the left or to the right, you have to admit that Larry packs a powerful punch. Welcome back Larry – we look forward to more of your political commentary and Shawn’s rebuttal!

Bringing us home, Lily Pierson, posed the question – When it comes to merchandising, marketing and mass advertising, what are you a sucker for?

Tiny cans of coke, magic flutes, cool green running shoes, pony tails, street sneakers, sales, fabric, projects, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Adrenaline junkies, whole bean coffee, Mariners, Seahawks, Gummy Bears, Junk food and Ivan’s captivating tale, spanning 25 years, the yearning of a Grandmother, a pair of earrings and a long awaited baby girl!

That’s a wrap