Here is the latest news:

13 members and 3 guests joined the organized, gracious and efficient Toastmaster Humberto Wilson, as he guided us through a pre Halloween meeting that was entertaining and on time!

Kelsey D brought us part 3 of a 3 part series on how to save yourself and the world by going vegan. (Very convincing)

Scott Ray took the big bull with an icebreaker speech appropriately titled “Who Am I? ( Be sure to see Scott after class.)

Topic master Steve Iwai asked us to recall our most memorable Halloween costumes.

Peter Beeson was and is James Bond.
Kelsey Diller braved the first day at a new middle school by showing up as the only person in costume.
Judy had a little backless surprise by fellow revelers at a party she attended.
Nanette was a tortured hobo making a last run for candy.

Kelsey and Brian tied for best table topic. Kelsey quickly gave up the title when Humberto suggested all ties would be broken by a little Indian leg wrestling.

New member Mikah gave a perfect grammarian report and also won the most improved title for the meeting.

Nannette evaluated our spooky meeting and noted the little quirks that must have been caused by spirits.