We have tidings of great cheer, fellow Earlybirds — “tidings” being our word of the day, thanks to Brian Kostecki. The Earlybirds assembled for another morning of eloquence and flair on December 9. If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed:


Mary Brennen set the tone with her fun and edgy style, keeping everyone on track for the second week as Toastmaster. The meetings are so fun when Mary leads, but she reminded us that the role is open to all. Just sign up and do it!

Beth Dewey lead us down a merry, Madlibs chase with her humorous rendition of Twas the Night Before Christmas. The luster of new-fallen snow meets the twisted minds of the Earlybirds… Had to be there!


Scott Ray gave his second manual speech, telling us about American myths we may cherish but are not true– about the Wild West, Wall Street, and 70s-era women’s lib.

Then everyone shared cherished memories of the worst Christmas gift they had ever given or received. That was the day’s Table Topic, thanks to Mary, who shared her own tragic story about a boyfriend who gave her a bathroom scale. (I’m still burning with indignation.)

Top honors went to new member Ryan Daniels with his tale of brotherly love. He stole his sister’s doll before the holidays, then wrapped it and gifted it back to her, pocketing the $20 gift budget from his parents. Ah, sweet holiday memories!

And if you ever need to borrow a tie, talk to Eddie Koh, who has amassed a striking collection, thanks to his grateful parishioners.


Shawn Terjesen gently yet sternly encouraged the flock to sign up for roles each week. Have no fear! We’re all here to learn. Use the database tool if you can (www.turbobase.com), or the paper sign-up sheet. Aim for one speech a month, he suggested, and you’ll be well on your way to earning that coveted Toastmaster designation.

See you next Friday!