Feb 24 Earlybirds Club Contest

Adamantine Toastmaster Shawn Terjeson took 14 earlybirds on a wild ride as we listened in rapt attention to three expert speakers competing for the chance to go to the area contest.

Kim asked us to knock down the walls keeping us from our dreams

Tracy showed us why we shouldn’t answer “What he said” when you are falsely accused of a crime.

Mary Brennan took the prize with her journey from BORING PRESENTER with BORING HANDOUTS to EXPERT PRESENTER WHO KEEPS YOU ON YOUR TOES!!

Soon to be Grandma Chantal (what a lucky grandchild) challenged us to present our most memorable birthday celebration.

Member Brian got a Charlestown surprise
Ryan spent a symbolic 13 hours roasting a pig for his daughter’s first birthday
Tracy turned 21 in the big apple on New Year’s Eve
Shawn became a man at 50
New member Darryl rescued his 3 year old from the pool on her birthday

For the area contest raffle gift from the Earlybirds we are giving a basket full of West Seattle goodies as well as promotional items from our members:
First items donated:
Two tickets to Arts West from Mr. Jim Guenther
A bottle of champagne from Co-Prez Beth Dewey

What can you give or solicit to add to our basket that represents our club? Let Kim or I know and bring along to the March 2 meeting. Bring a business card to tuck in the basket as well along with an offer, if you have one, that would promote your business!