Hello Friends of the WestSeattle Earlybirds toastmaster club. We have something NEW and Exciting planned for this Friday’s edition of the Earlybirds meeting at Art’s West @ 7:40 am — Improv Acting, a skill everybody should have up their sleeve.

Our guest speaker and presenter is Fraser. You will find more about him on his website and blog athttp://web.me.com/fraserratzlaff/thevoice/About.html

1.) What will we do?
Play improv warm-up games, create scenes, and quickly master the basics of improv acting.

2.) What will we learn?
You will about what improv is, how to create a scene with a story, and think on your feet. Everyone will learn how practicing a little improv will help improve their ability to speak extemporaneously.

3.) How much fun will it be?
It will be crazy fun.

4.) How will participants be able to incorporate into their everyday lives with career/family/friends etc. ?
Learning how, and then practicing improv will help you think quicker and think ahead of yourself as you’re speaking and moving (walking around the stage, hand motions, etc.) when giving speeches or presentations in front of groups large or small. The exercises, games, and acting we will do will teach you to listen and then respond — the principles in improv will show you how to capture and audience, what makes a good story, and will help you be more gregarious in your speaking style.

5.) What will we find out about ourselves?
Probably the first thing you’ll find out about yourself is if you have a penchant for acting and specifically improv. You’ll also learn what your natural thinking speed is, as well as how to think faster. You’ll learn about how outgoing you are, how comfortable you are performing in front of others when trying something new, and lots of other good things 🙂

6.) How can we be prepared?
Wear comfortable clothes. Come willing to try new things.

See you at Art’s West at 7:40 am on Friday.