What a tremendous display of courage, creativity and presentation skill at this AM’s meeting. For the 5 minute speeches, we were treated to a touching and extraordinarily humorous account of Mikah Woodward’s life journey in his first ice breaker speech, “The Undiscovered Country”. Brian Kostecki provided us with a beautiful account of his grandfather’s life and recent passing in “Remembering Grandfather”. Ryan’s speech “Volunteering” gave us all insight into his life as a volunteer fire fighter – from water rescue to saving someone’s life. For the one-minute table topic, Steve Iwai asked the group to randomly pull a “destination” (location somewhere on the earth) AND “mode of transportation” (rickshaw, gypsy caravan, etc) out of a jar. Each presenter had to describe how they arrived at the destination based on their mode of transportation. Needless to say, it was a very creative exercise for all of us with very humorous results! Thank you Kim Boyden and Mary Brennan for running an energetic and fun meeting! Fantastic!