Hello Toastmasters, Thank you for having me come and present the mission and vision of Children of the Nations on Friday! I had a great time and it was a privilege to share with you this organization I’m so passionate about. I found all your comments very helpful. I really do want to improve, and having my sister Kelsey introduce me to your Toastmasters has been a delight! Many of your notes are things I’ve wondered about changing, and your words were confirming. Thank you for filling out the ballots with so many excellent suggestions on how I can tighten up my message to give it more impact, and just make it better. Marry Brennan came up to me afterwards and said “It was a great speech but you’ve got to define a clear call to action at the end. You’ve got to tell people what you need. If you need everyone in the room to sponsor a child, you have to say that. People won’t get involved unless you ask them.” I really appreciated Mary saying that. And as soon as she said it I knew she was right. And while I can’t go back in time to change the end of my speech, I can let you know that what we need — people to sponsor a child. Mary already sponsors a child with a different organization, but decided to sponsor a second child with Children of the Nations on Friday. Many of you wrote in your comments asking for additional information, links, or how you can be involved. Here’s the best way: Will you sponsor a child today? http://www.cotni.org/children And here are all the other ways you can be involved: http://www.cotni.org/get-involved Please email me if you’d like more information on how you, your school, church, business or community group can get involved. We have SmilePacks drives, Meal Packaging events, short-term teams that travel to our countries to do projects, internships, and more fraserratzlaff@cotni.org Again, thank you for having me out to speak at the West Seattle Central Toastmasters! Sincerely, Fraser — Fraser Ratzlaff Area Community Representative – Seattle Children of the Nations – USA “Raising children who transform nations” Direct: 206-200-9108 Office: 360-698-7227 Web: http://www.cotni.org