We had a great meeting today with a few minutes to spare!  Josh gave a non-manual 6-8 minute speech titled “What I Do” discussing his personal marketing, logo, and branding business named Chalkbox Creative.  Visit his website at http://www.chalkboxstudio.com to learn more.

Jean jumped in with an off the cuff speech to discuss her encounter with a group of local bikers along the waterfront.  Today was my first day as Toastmaster and although I was pseudo-scattered  I thoroughly enjoyed it and plan on stepping up to the role more often.  You can never get enough stage time.

We had two guests with us today, Wendy who had attended a Kirkland Toastmasters group years ago and curious about our club.  We also had Josh’s mother in attendance to experience what our Friday mornings are like.

The word of the day was “temerity” tuh-MAIR-uh-tee

1: unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition :rashness, recklessness
2: a rash or reckless act
USE: Founded on faulty experiments and reasoning, the views he expressed were either ignored or ridiculed; and it was long before he bitterly regretted the temerity with which he had published his hasty generalizations.


Josh won speech of the day!



and Shawn for his one minute table topic!


Please attend next Friday July 17th as yours truly will be giving a manual speech including presentation about my new GIS as a Service leveraging professional drone technology!  Have a great weekend everyone!