West Seattle Earlybirds Toastmaster Club #650
Meets at the ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery
4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
Meeting notes for July 17, 2015Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Chuck Furumori, Cause Haun, Jim Guenther, ATMB, Jean Manwaring, ACB, Jim Jones, Josh Huisenga, Megan Hyla, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Shawn Terjeson, ATMB. No guests today.

Jim Jones, President, opened the meeting at 7:45 AM.

There were several announcements, given by Mykal Amare’ and Chuck Furumori. Mykal had contacted the members who have not been present at meetings in a while. He received relies from most of them. Chuck shared all the steps he has taken to get the Earlybirds into social media.
Chuck has also agreed to step in as President on a temporary basis as Jim has been transferred to Texas.

Mykal gave the inspiration for the day, followed by pledge of allegiance, which was much improved today.

Jim introduced Brian Kostecki, CC as out Toastmaster.

Shawn was our Word Master. The word was “Rectitude” – Morally correct behavior.

We had two speeches today.

Speech #1 given by Chuck Furumori
Chuck’s speech was a manual speech. It was number 8 speech in the  Competent Communicator manual, “Get comfortable with visual aids.” The title of the speech was “Redimap” it was 18 minutes long.  This speech was introducing the new company that he and a partner started. Chuck gave us some great information on the values of drones, by giving us a great power point presentation of the many uses for drones. Some of the uses are for farmers, mining, forestry and wildlife, real estate and keeping track of inventory. We now have a greater understanding of his new venture. It was  a great speech.

Speech # 2 given by Cause Haun
Cause’s speech was an impromptu speech. The title of her speech was “Shrink your world.” .  Her object with this title is to let you know that you have an opportunity to learn other cultures from around the world. This speech was a call to action speech; Cause is a local coordinator for the foreign exchange student program. She gave us an overview on what is expected of a host family and some of the joys that come from hosting a high school student. Thank you Cause.

Mykal was our Table Topic Master today; the topic was “If you could do anything that humans cannot do, what would that be?”

Jim Guenther was our Speaker Evaluator. He is a in depth evaluator, he gave a well rounded evaluation for both speeches.

Shawn was also our Meeting Evaluator. He gave us two words for the evaluation “Time Management” thank you Shawn.

Josh gave us how we did with our um’s and ah’s.

Megan gave us a great child’s joke as the humorist.

Cause was the vote counter and announced the winners, Chuck was the winner of the “5 minute speech” and Jean won hands down the table topic speech.

This was a very high-energy meeting, thank you all for a great meeting.

Jean won Table Topic award
Chuck won Best Speech award