Meeting notes for July 24, 2015Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Chuck Furumori, Cause Haun, Jean Manwaring, ACB, Josh Huisenga, Megan Hyla, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Jeremy Blum, Norman Bell, CC, no guests today.Chuck Furumori, acting President, opened the meeting at 7:45 AM.

Jean Manwaring gave us the inspiration for the day; it was based on “focusing”. Thank you Jean.

Chuck then introduce Mykal Amare’ as our Toastmaster for the day.

We had two great speeches today.

First speech was by Jeremy Blum who has been with us since March. It was a manual speech from the CC manual Number 5 “Your body speaks”. His speech was six minutes and twenty seconds. Speech title “And the I realized it wasn’t a cap gun.” Jeremy shared a personal story; he focused on three areas, confusion, compassion and forgiveness. It was a very touching and moving speech.

Megan Hyla gave a great evaluation of Jeremy’s speech. This was her first speech evaluation, great job, and way to step up and challenge your comfort zone.

Chuck Furumori gave our second speech; Chuck gave a passionate speech from his CC manual, speech number three “Get to the point”. It was a six-minute speech. The title of Chuck’s speech is “Overconsumption and our throwaway society”.  Chuck’s passion came through loud and clear in this speech. Some points of Chuck’s speech were buy quality because it last, use self-discipline when buying and the need to reduce trash and waste.

Norman Bell gave an in-depth evaluation for Chuck. He gave a “sandwich” evaluation, what Chuck did well, where he could improve and what he did real well.

Cause Haun gave us the interesting word of the day, Lugubrious, meaning mournful, sad, doleful, woeful, miserable, etc.

Josh Huisenga, did a great job of Table Topics Master today, he choose “If you were a teacher, what would teach.” This was a very stimulating topic.

Chuck served as our grammarian.

Seeing no one signed up for meeting evaluator, Mykal did a round robin which was very successful.

Brian Kostecki was our vote counter and announced the winners for the day, Jeremy brought it in for the five-minute speech and for Table Topics it was a tie, Mykal and Megan. Mykal conceded to Megan. Congratulations to the winners.

5 Minute Speech Winner Jeremy


Table Topic Winner Megan


Chuck is out of town next week, Mykal will open up and Jim Jones will lead the meeting for the last time (for now).