Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Cause Haun, Shawn Terjeson ATMB, Chuck Furumori and Greg Phillips, CC, CL, no guest today.Todays’ meeting even though small was a fun fill meeting.Brian brings Word of the day to you; it is “twitterpated” meaning overcome with feelings of love. Great word Brian.

Chuck wore several hats today, president, inspiration and speaker. Brian jumped in at the last minute to be our Toastmaster today. Good job Brian, kept the meeting flowing well.

Seeing we had so few people everyone had a role to fill. This is August and the meetings tend to be light in attendance.

Two pocket speeches today, kudos to Chuck and Greg!

Chuck’s speech was in the form of rant; called “Robot” it was about destruction of “hitchBOT” the traveling experiment, why in this country people find the need to steal and destroy other people’s property. He ended his speech asking the rest of us how we felt about the laws and punishments handed out for theft, are they fair? Everyone gave their answers, many different views. Guess that is why we are a diverse group. Thank you Chuck for making us think.

Greg’s speech was called The Creative Process.” In his speech Greg pointed out that if we really want something in our life we could create (manifest) it with a thought and a feeling. Thank you Greg for giving us a different way of thinking and letting us know that we are the masters of our lives.

For Table Topics, Shawn presented us with two questions as we step into the world of politics; yes, I said politics. Seeing we just completed the primary election and we are getting representation in West Seattle, (1) Who would you vote for or (2) What do you expect from your representative? This was interesting topic and I am sure we will be hearing more on this subject in the future. Thank you Shawn for this rip-roaring topic.

Chuck took home both trophies, one for his speech and one for Table Topics. Nice going Chuck.

Greg announced that we would be holding our club contest on September 11th an 18th. The Area contest is on September 25th. The contest will be Humorist Speech Contest and Table Topics Contest. Looking forward to seeing who will represent us in the Area contest.

FYI, to participate in the contest you must have completed at six speeches in your CC Manual and be current with your dues.

We finished the meeting early; everyone now gets a few more minutes to his or her weekend.

Chuck as the double winner for today!