West Seattle Earlybirds Toastmaster Club #650 Meets at the ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery
4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Meeting notes for August 21, 2015

Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Cause Haun, Chuck Furumori, Norman Bell, CC, Josh Huisenga, Mary Brennan, ACB, and Steven Ward, three guest today, Kai, Ocean and Cheng Gang, Cause’s family were our guests today.

All had a fun time today. Chuck, our president, lead us off and turn it over to Josh for our inspirational word.

Our Toastmaster for the day was Mary Brennan, always a great time when Mary is in the house.
Mary gave us a choice of themes for the day. Important things for August 21st are, National Men’s Grooming Day, National Spumoni Day, Poet’s Day, and Senior Citizen’s Day!

The group was treated to two, yes, two manual speeches.

Mykal showed us how to “Master the Toast” from the Special Occasion Speeches Manual. The title of the speech was “Saluting the Well Groomed Bird.” This was a toast to Mary and Norman for their accomplishment of reaching the District Finals.

Cause gave us a speech from the CC Manual; project number two, “Get to the Point.”
Cause’s title was Down With Conventional Wisdom.” This was a great speech about listening to your inner voice and not to listen to those who want to give you what they think is the right way to go in business. Great one Cause, the inner voice, intuition always is the right way to go.

Steven gave us a very interesting Table Topic. “What super power would you want and what is your super power name. Very interesting, as Josh said in his meeting evaluation “this tells a bit about each of us.”  Some of the names are “Litter Lady” “Accountable Man” Enlightenment Man” “Mediation Maven” and “Hallow Leg Man.” Who can forget the famous “Cat Girl”?

Josh reminded us that dues will come due the end of September, dues are $36.00; please make checks out to “West Seattle Earlybirds”.

Our club contests will be on September 11th and 18th; winners will go on to the Area Contest on September 24th. Remember a couple of rules, you must have your dues paid and have given at least six speeches from the CC Manual. Any questions contact Greg our VPE.