West Seattle Earlybirds Toastmaster Club #650 Meets at the ArtsWest Playhouse and Gallery
4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Meeting notes for September 25, 2015

Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Chuck Furumori, Josh Huisenga, Greg Phillips, CC, CL, Norman Bell, CC, Mimi Stewart, and Jim Guenther, ATMB, we had no guest.

This turned out to be a very good meeting considering we had to fill several spots before the meeting today…thank you all for making it so.

Norman Bell, our President, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM (or close to it). Norman informed the group about a few things that went on at the Officers meeting this past Monday. One thing was that we are aiming to achieve Presidents Distinguished Club this year.

Mykal announced the results of the Area 43 Humorist and Table Topics Contest last night. Cause and Shawn who represented our club in the Table Topics, Shawn came in third place. Thank you both for stepping up, Cause you did a great job and this being your first contest. Mykal also announced that the Area 41/42 Contest will be on October 2nd and anyone who would like to help would be greatly appreciated. Mary Brennan will be contest toastmaster.

Brian gave us our inspiration, a quote from the late Jackie Collins “Whatever you have a passion for, then you must do. If you want to write, write about something you know about.”

Greg Phillips graciously stepped in as our Toastmaster today. Thank you Greg and you did a fine job.

Mykal gave us a 5-7 minutes speech from the Special Occasion Speeches Manual, project #2, Speaking in Praise, the title of his speech was “Earthly Angel.” In this speech Mykal paid tribute to his grandmother.

Mimi was our second speaker. Mimi’s speech title was “Earworm” which took us back to 1971. This earworm was a powerful one that was recently repeated by her daughter after reaching the final goal of a hike. Earworms are nasty little things that get stuck in your head.

Josh gave us a great topic today, “What is your talent.” This gave everyone a glimpse into others perceived talents. One demonstration of a talent was Mykal doing a cartwheel at the age of 64.

Jim Guenther gave an in-depth evaluation of both speakers.

We discussed a new policy of getting the sign up sheet filled in at the end of the meeting so we don’t have to wrangle people at the last minute.

Next week we will have a special guest speaker (2 spots) Shannon Braddock (I think).

Josh reminded us the DUES ($36.00) are due. Please make this happen before the end of the month.