Earlybirds you gave us an excellent meeting today.

Norman Bell, CC, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.

Mimi was multi tasking today, she gave us our inspiration, the word of the day and topped it all off with being our Toastmaster. This was her first experience at being TM, good job Mimi.

We had three, yes I said three, great speakers. Two of them were Ice Breakers.

First up was Greg Phillips. Greg gave lured us in with the topic “How Can a Trip to ArtsWest Increase Your Income.” Greg is our VPE and gave us a great explanation about the Competent Leader Manual. How easy it is to complete this manual.

Our second speaker was Wendy Cwinar, who has only been a member for two weeks. This speech was Wendy’s Ice Breaker. It was an excellent speech. Wendy gave us three of her proclivities, which was the word of the day. They are as follows, 1.Travel, 2.Dance and 3. Positive Psychology. Very well done Wendy.

Last but not least from our newest member, as of today, Henry Lee. Henry’s Ice Breaker gave as an interesting view of who he is. Henry is a “Man of Many Hats.” He shared his experiences of his life to this point. One thing he learned from his father is “Hard Work and Perseverance, Anything is Possible.” Henry walked away with the big prize for his Ice Breaker. Welcome to the Earlybirds.

Shawn gave us superb evaluations for the speeches, always-good evaluations from Shawn.

Jim Guenther gave us our Table Topic of “Where do You Get Your Information?” This was indeed and interesting and fun topic. Beth was the big winner here.

Shari gave us three sidesplitting jokes and our humorist.

The group agreed that Josh purchase two gift cards for the winners of the Halloween Costume Contest, one $20.00 and one $15.00.

Steven as our grammarian suggested that we have a new trophy for the category “Squeaky Clean Trophy.” This would be for the person who has a connector free meeting.

Mykal shared that Franni Turean won the Humorist Speech Contest and Bonnie Butler won the Table Topics Contest at the Division D Contest last evening. He also reminded everyone of the upcoming Conference on November 7th at the Microsoft campus.

Mykal also volunteered to be a mentor for first time Toastmasters and to come up with a step by step guide.

Brian made sure that everyone knows about our Halloween contest that he will be the TM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 AM.