Earlybirds this was a great Halloween Contest meeting. We had many “Hobgoblins” at the meeting today. What a great array of costumes today, good job everyone.

Norman Bell, CC, brought the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.

Brian was our Toastmaster today, excellent job Brian in your bank robber costume.

Once again we had three great manual speeches.

Our first speaker was Henry Lee. This was Project 2, “Organize your speech” from the CC manual.

The title was “Help make Seattle a better place to live.” Henry gave us an overview of the proposed expansion of terminal 5 and how they have finally agreed to an “Environmental Impact Statement.”

Thank you Henry for enlightening us on this subject.

The second speaker today was Jean Manwaring. Jean gave us another speech from an advanced manual. It was the project “Interpreting Poetry” titles “Seaweed Weather.” Thank you Jean for this wonderful poem.

Last but not least, Norman Bell gave us a speech from the advanced manual of Storytelling, “The Moral of the Story” titled “Go For It.” Norman gave us a story of a road trip to southern California during his college days. This story was a very funny, well done speech. And the moral of the story is “It is good to plan and it is good to plan for the unexpected.”

Thanks to cast of characters that helped make this meeting happen today.

Jeremy as speaker evaluator; Chuck as photographer, inspiration and meeting evaluator; Cause as timer; Beth as grammarian; Mykal was vote counter and word master; Greg gave us our humor; Shari gave us a great table topic.

Winners today were Henry Lee for speech and clean slate; Janet Dowd for table topics; Mykal Amaré 1st place costume and Brian Kostecki 2nd place costume.

If you want to have a greater experience of Toastmasters consider attending the Fall Conference on November 7th. You should have received an email with the information in it.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary