Here is the wrap up of today’s meeting.

This mornings meeting was outstanding, Earlybirds, we really do rock.

Norman Bell, CC, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.

A motion was made by Mykal Amaré to send $400.00 to ArtsWest for use of space, Chuck Furumori, called for a vote, all in favor, no nays or abstentions. Josh will take care of this.

Greg Phillips has done a great job of getting members to sign up for upcoming meetings, makes the job of TM easier, thank you Greg.

Jim Guenther gave us our inspiration for the day, several words of wisdom to live by.

Norman introduced Mykal Amaré, our TM for the day.

Mykal’s theme for the day was “Being Grateful”

Janet Dowd gave us our word of the day, “Amiable” in a new and exciting way.

We had two speakers today. Steven Ward gave us an award winning manual speech from the CC manual project 5, “Your Body Speaks.” His speech was 5-7 minutes titled “My Wrestling Career.”

This speech lived up to the project title and we were trying to picture Steven at 6’ and 90 pounds. Steven gave a very descriptive picture of his first wrestling match, it was is most memorable and longest match, he won. Then he described his last play as a wrestler where his knee was blown out.

Our second speech was by Jeremy Blum. Jeremy’s speech was a manual speech, project 4, “How to Say It.” Jeremy’s speech was 5-7 minutes titled “14,409.” Jeremy gave a very descriptive speak on his love of the PNW and his passion for the mountains. Growing up in the Midwest he did not experience many mountains there. Jeremy gave us his experience of climbing Mount Rainier and his participation with his mountaineering group. He stated that the most important thing he learned from the mountaineering group was “knowing when to stop.” Thank you Jeremy.

Shawn Terjeson gave us our Table Topic subject for the day, “What has been the turning point in your life.” A great topic for the day, many great answers.

Cast of characters, Jean-Meeting evaluator; Grammarian-Cause; Timer & Vote counter-Brian; 2 speaker evaluators-Norman and Chuck.

The winners today are for speech-Steven; table topic-Chuck and clean slate-tie Steven, Josh and Brian.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary