This mornings meeting was dynamite, Earlybirds, way to go.

Norman Bell, CC, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.

Henry stepped up to give us an inspiring quote, thank you Henry for being willing to step in when needed.

Henry also served as out timer.

The word of the day was “Torpid” nice one Chuck.

Humorist Josh had a moment where his humor escaped him in the moment.

Jeremy was our Toastmaster for the day; this was his first time as TM. Great job Jeremy with the meeting and your theme of “Welcome to Winter.”

We had three great speeches today.

First, Cause gave us a manual speech from the CC manual. Get to the point, titled “Shake and Fold.”

This speech was filled with humor and some important information about how to save thousands of paper towels when you use a public bathroom. Cause said, “remember me when you are washing your hands in a public restroom.” Recap; shake wet hands 12 times, fold towel in half and wipe; only one towel is needed.

Jean gave Cause a very in-depth evaluation of her speech.

Jim G and Shawn shared the next speech; they used an older manual project called “Team Technical Manual Presentation.”  Shawn stared off giving us the definition of Democracy and the history behind “Citizen’s United” which was the title of their speech. Shawn gave us his definition of democracy and said that “they are tearing up our democracy with their cash.”

Shawn gave Jim a great introduction; we were fortunate to learn more about Jim than I think many of us did not know. Jim was the “call to action” in his part of the speech. Jim explained what we could do to get an amendment added to our constitution. We, the State of Washington, can petition congress to put it up for a vote of the people and when two thirds of the states pass it, it becomes the law of the land. We can do our part by signing the I735 petition.

Norman had the honor of evaluating Jim and Shawn’s speech, well done.

Table Topics was lead by Brian, Brian gave us the topic “Tell us about either your best or worst Christmas party.” Tied in well with Jeremy’s meeting theme.

Mykal gave the meeting evaluation; Chuck was also our vote counter.

The winners today are for speech-Cause; table topic-Jean and no clean slate winner today.

Meeting adjourned at 9:01 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary