This was quite an energetic meeting today, “who Ha!”

Norman Bell, CC, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM and proceeded to charge us up!

The inspiration was a different one today led by Shawn. Shawn invited us to do a group activity, which was rather invigorating. “Who Ha!”

Mimi gave us the word of the day, which was “Intersperse.”

Brian entertained us as the Humorist by giving us his top 5 on his Christmas list.

Greg was our Toastmaster for the day; he gave us the theme of “Every day victories.” Nice one Greg.

We had three speeches today.

The first speech was a manual speech, Project #3, “Get to the Point.” The title was Chalkbox take 3.”

Josh gave us a demonstration of how you can improve your business. One way of this is done is by working with “Chalkbox.” He said at Chalkbox “We solve problems.”

Our second speech was another manual speech by Mimi, project 4, “How to Say It” of the CC manual.

Title was “Sharing economy solution to the affordable housing solution.”  Mimi gave us her idea of how we could move forward in s creative way by establishing “Accessory Dwelling Units.”

Third speech was a pocket speech by Norman, although I am quite sure there is a place in a manual for this speech. The speech was titled “The Message.” This was the story that led to his “Tales of Hell Yes Life.” It was a great speech of sharing vulnerability and courage; continually asking the question, “What is Next?”

Cause gave an evaluation for Josh’s speech. Mykal was Mimi’s evaluator and the group evaluated Norman’s speech in a round robin manner.

Table Topics Jeremy led us with the topic of, “Tell us a time you experienced witnessing someone doing a good deed for someone or a good deed you have done.”

Jean gave our meeting evaluator; Janet Dowd was the vote counter.

The winners today are for speech-Mimi; table topic-Jean and no clean slate winner today.

Next Friday (18th) is the last meeting of the year. No meeting on December 24th or 31st.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary