Meeting notes for January 15, 2016

Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, CC, Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL, Norman Bell, CC, Jean Manwaring, ACB, Jim Guenther, ATMB, Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Beth Dewey, ACB, Janet Dowd, Shawn Terjeson, ATMB, Mimi Stewart and Cause Haun. Josh Huisenga, Shari Kaufman welcome back Megan Hyla We had two returning guests today, David Warren and Younus Raze.

Todays’ meeting was a well-rounded meeting. All anyone could ask for.

Norman Bell, CC, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM amid the buy sounds of conversation of people catching up with each other.

Shawn Terjeson gave us an interesting inspiration based on a recent post on FB by Chuck Furumori.

“Today is a quad-shot espresso screw you kind of Monday. Youngest been puking all morning, late for morning conference calls, mental fog won’t go away, didn’t sleep much last night, stomach feels like crap, and inbox has two weeks of emails to catch up on. Give me a big fork and knife, this $hit pie will be gone bt the end of the day!”

Mykal Amaré was our Toastmaster for the day. His theme was “I have a dream” in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Janet Dowd gave us the word of the day, “intransigent” meaning stubborn, unwilling or refusing to change one’s views. This was a great word Janet.

Our humorist was Norman; he gave us a few pithy politically based jokes.

Two great speeches were presented to us. The first was a practice run for Cause Haun, she has joined “Moms Demand Action for Common Sense Gun Solutions” and will be giving this speech “on the road”. Cause’s speech was from the CC manual, project 8, becoming comfortable with audiovisual equipment. Speech title “Be SMART” and was about 17.5 minutes long. This was a very emotional and time relevant speech.  

Jean Manwaring gave our second presentation, Jean’s speech was approximately  8.2 minutes long and came from the Interpretive Manual, and project ‘Read a Story’. The title of Jean’s speech was “Escape From Our Native Land.”

Jean read us an essay written by a young refuge (from Laos) girl that lived with her family while going to community college. This was a real life experience of this young girl’s family’s escape to freedom.

Normal Bell gave us an evaluation of Cause’s speech and Greg Phillips evaluated Jean’s speech.

Beth Dewey was our Table Topics Master; topic was “Your Dream Headline.” This was a fun topic, thank you Beth.

Shawn also filled the role as our grammarian; he was very gentle today.

David Warren, our guest from last week, was our Timer, with assistance from Brian Kostecki. Thank you Dave for stepping up.

Mimi Stewart evaluated the meeting; this was her second experience as evaluator.

Brian was the Vote Counter today.

The winners today are for speech-Cause; table topic-Megan and Greg for the clean slate winner today.

The International Speech and Evaluation contest is coming up. Clubs should have their contest in February, the Area contest will be in March, the Division Contest in April then on to the Spring Conference on May 21st. Think about entering the contest, it is a great experience.

Next Friday January 22th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary