Meeting Notes for January 29th, 2016

Those in attendance: Janet, Shari, Josh, Greg, Norm, Shawn, Jean, Henry, Chuck, Bonnie, Beth, Dave, Jeremy

The meeting started on time at exactly 7:45am

The toastmaster for the day was Beth Dewey

Our word of the day was: Palter – to act insincerely or deceitfully

Josh gave us our inspiration

Brian provided humor in the form of a TOP 3 list

Shawn gave a wonderful speech about everyday creativity

Shari gave a great speech entitled It’s a Wonderful Day

Table topics was provided by Dave

Josh provided grammar checks noting “Without further ado” needs to be stricken from our vocabulary.

Jean provided the meeting evaluation


Best Speech – Shawn

Table Topics – Bonnie Chuck, Shawn, Shari (4 way tie)

Meeting ended on time at 9:00am