Meeting notes for February  19,2016

Those in attendance: Brian Kostecki, Beth Dewey, Janet Dowd,  Jeremy Blum, Josh Huisenga, Mary Brennan,  Shari Kaufma n, Wendy Cwinar, Mimi Stewart, Henry Lee, Shawn, Aaron.

Mary, as Toastmaster, led an entertaining and lively meeting, starting  with an inspirational story about the purification ritual of an odd couple Ana and Andy, whereby Ana purified Andy’s space. During Table Topics she shared her “Uncle Saul” secret   on how to create a winning speech.

  Shari, as Wordmaster provided us with the word for the day: Haptic – adj – being tactile – relating to touch – being more dependent on tactile than visual.

Wendy, our Humorist, presented us with past & present president’s jokes, including a joke from Abe Lincoln: “If I were two faced, why would I be wearing this one”?

We had two speeches today .

1.  Henry gave one of the manual speeches,#3 Getting to the Point ,  The speech illustrated the  importance of trust in functional organizations. He compared & contrasted working in the military with working for  corporations. What an eye-opening speech!

2. Beth gave a speech entitled “Little Voices” about  the omnipresent fearful voices in our heads that “keep us stuck”. “Fear keeps us living little lies & keeps us stuck” was my takeaway from this insightful speech. 

Joshua was the speech judge today and he was judged on his judging by everyone via evaluation forms.

Shaun was the Table Topics Master: When was there a time that you were creamed/destroyed in a contest and/or when you won? Members shared a number of  personal sport stories, a beauty contest and a TM speech competition.

Timer was Brian I believe.

The winners today were Henry for Speech and Mary, er Uncle Saul,  for Table Topics.

Meeting adjourned  on time.

Mimi Stewart