Those in attendance: Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL; Brian Kostecki, CC; Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Jim Guenther, ATMB; Josh Huisenga; Chuck Furumori, CL; Mimi Stewart; Jean Manwaring, ACB; Cause Haun; Dave Warren; Henry Lee; Jeremy Blum; Shawn Terjeson, ATMB; Aaron Gates and one repeat guest: Rian DeFaccio (his grandfather was a member of the Earlybirds).

The meeting was another great one.

Chuck Furumori, who is our stand in president, called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.  Thanks for stepping up.

Chuck also stepped in as our Toastmaster. YAY Chuck.

Jean gave us our Inspiration and flag salute and Henry gave us some humor.

Josh gave us the word for the day. Unfortunately, “salubrious”, was not used by anyone.

Mimi was our Grammarian, Mykal our General Evaluator and Jeremy was our Timer.

It was decided that we would have a meeting on May 27th (Memorial Day weekend) as Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Councilmember representing West Seattle will be a guest.

Cause Haun was our first speaker. Cause gave us a manual speech that is given to people attending their first meeting at the “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in Washington.” Their biggest event is Wear Orange Day on June 2nd.

Dave Warren gave us his Ice Breaker Speech (The “I love me” speech as he called it). Very well done, Dave. Looking forward to hearing more from and about you. You are a creative individual.

Jim Guenther gave us a colorful manual speech on dahlias –  how to choose, plant, separate and replant dahlias. Jim opened it up for question and answers. 

Shawn was our Table Topic Master.  The topic was “Who is your local hero?”

The winners today were, speech-Dave; Table Topic-Cause and Clean Slate-Dave & Jim.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary