Hi Toastmasters,

I will fill in for Mykal and do the minutes from the Meeting on Friday, June 10th.

In attendance were, Charles E. Furumori, CL,  Greg Phillips, CC, CL, Janet Dowd, Jean Manwaring ACB, Jeremy Blum, Jim Guenther ATMB, Joshua Huisenga, Mimi Stewart, Miranda Taylor, Patricia Buchanan, Rian DeFaccio, Shari Kaufman, Susan Davis and guest Sara.

Welcome to our newest Earlybirds member – Susan Davis!  What a delight that she brought a friend, Sara, to the meeting today.  Awesome to have so many new faces!

Chuck Furumori was acting President and called the meeting to order.

Janet Dowd tested herself by being Toastmaster.  Theme of the day:  New Beginnings.

Brian Kostecki CC, gave us the Inspiration by recognizing Mohamed Alli the recently departed great boxing champion and world known hero.  Brian then lead us in the flag salute.

Shari was our Humorist giving us a story from her own family.  What a hoot.  There must be more stories there as that one was so fun.

CC stepped up to speak and adeptly gave us the Word of the Day:  Alternative

Pat gave us her introduction speech entitled “Resilience.”  What a many faceted story of resilience she shared with us.  Great first speech Pat!

Jeremy gave a Manual Speech  Project number 7 Research your Topic.  His speech was called “Vaccinology 101.”  What a wealth of vaccine information he conveyed to the group.

We had a hoot and holler with Greg’s Table Topics which were “Dear Abby” style predicaments/questions written on little papers that we picked from a bag.  Each of the speakers provided their Dear Abby answer to each individual story.  Fun Table Topic!

Rian tackled the Ah Counter job of Grammarian and carefully caught those fillers for us.

Brian adeptly handled Time Keeper.

Jim stepped in as General Evaluator evaluation.  Much appreciated.

Miranda shuffled all the little papers and provided the vote count resulting:

Speech winner:  Pat

Table Topic winner:  Miranda

Clean slate winner:  Oops, sorry, I don’t remember who won that!  Please let me know for the minutes.  

TurboBase tells me that Brian will be the Toastmaster next week.

**  We voted and NO MEETING on JULY 1.

Meeting handed over to Chuck and adjourned a little early.

Janet  Dowd