Meeting notes for June 17, 2016

Those in attendance: Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL; Brian Kostecki, CC; Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Jim Guenther, ATMB; Josh Huisenga; Chuck Furumori, CL; Shawn Terjeson, ATMB; Pat Buchanan; Shari Kauffman; David Warren; Miranda Taylor; CC Ross; Jean Manwaring, ACB; Susan Davis and Mimi Stewart. We had two guests Lam and Ryan.

Today’s meeting was a bit heavy but ended up with a light Table Topic by Josh, “tell us a misconception about the place you grew up.”

Brian Kostecki was our Toastmaster – the theme was “It’s almost summer.”

Jim Guenther gave us some great inspiration and led us in the flag salute.

Dave gave us the Word for the day, “Ululate” meaning to wail or cry out.

Pat and Susan shared the Timer spot; Mimi our Vote Counter.

Jean was our General Evaluator and Josh also filled in as our Grammarian.

Two speeches today, first off Mykal question the group with several questions about “The Value of a Life.” This was a speech from the CC manual, project 10, “inspire your audience.”

Miranda gave her Icebreaker; she told of how she felt they had so many things, lessons etc. However all she heard was complaining. Also told us about how grief kills. Miranda tells about a sign she used to have, “yes, your life matters.”

Both Mykal and Miranda said that they hadn’t conspired their speeches even though they were connected.

Greg evaluated Mykal’s speech and Shari was evaluator for Miranda’s speech.

The winners today were, speech-Miranda; Table Topic-Susan & Chuck and Clean Slate – Jean.

Shawn will be our TM next week.

Reminder; there will be NO meeting on July 1st.

Mykal will fill in for Chuck as president on July 8th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary