17 members in attendance: David Trise; Janet Dowd;  Brian Kostecki CC; David Fisher; Susan Davis; Marina King; Wendy Cwinar; Rian DeFaccio; Patricia Buchanan; Mimi Stewart; Joshua Huisenga; Chuck Furumori CL; Jeremy Blum; Shari Kaufman; Jean Manwaring ACB; C.C. Ross

Meeting opened at 7:45 AM by Club President Chuck Furumori with more “happened on this day” facts.

Janet Dowd was our Toastmaster. Janet opened the meeting with references to speakers in the national spotlight at the political party conventions, and also brought us a theme of camping, that we might weave into our speaking for the day.

Wendy Cwinar inspired us a wonderful introduction to Mindfullness.

David Fisher brought us camping humor. My favorite is and always will be the, “I don’t have to outrun the bear. I only have to outrun you.” joke.

Our word of the day was “BODACIOUS,” provided by Pat Buchanan. This word was first introduced to me by Bill & Ted in their excellent adventure.

Speeches: Our morning contained two speeches by David Trise and Chuck Furumori.

1. David’s manual speech, “Coming to America, Part 2,” introduced us to himself with anecdotes about his adventures and discoveries upon arriving in America. This manual project was the Icebreaker. Jeremy Blum provided the evaluation for David.

2. Chuck’s manual speech, “Urban Roots,” introduced the club to his new entrepreneurial adventure, a compact, in-home, hydroponic garden system. Lively Q&A followed. This manual project was around vocal variety. Rian DeFaccio provided the evaluation for Chuck.

Table Topic for the day was presented by Mimi Stewart. She asked the question, “What would you do with your first 10 days as President of the United States.” Several members participated, providing some of the best ideas I’ve heard this election year.

Shari Kaufman reported on our grammar for the morning.

Susan Davis provided a spectacular meeting evaluation. In short, aside from some small time challenges, it was a great meetingwith an engaged audience and fantastic speakers.

Awards were presented by Marina King: David Trise took the award for long-form speech, and Marina King took the award for Table-topics (she assures us it was not rigged). Well done to our winners.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57 AM.