13 members in attendance: Susan Davis; Patricia Buchanan; Brian Kostecki CC; Shawn Terjeson ATMB; David Fisher; Rian DeFaccio; Joshua Huisenga; Janet Dowd; Cause Haun; Marina King; Beth Dewey ACB; Mimi Stewart; Charles E. Furumori, CL

Meeting opened at 7:45 AM by Club President Chuck Furumori.

Susan Davis tackled her first stint as our Toastmaster. She opened with a message of gratitude.

Marina King inspired us with a beautifully delivered talk about the Khan family.

Our word of the day was “GRATITUDE,” provided by Susan Davis on the fly.

Speeches: Our morning contained two speeches by Brian Kostecki and Rian DeFaccio.

1. Brian’s speech, “The Life and Times of Peter Jennings,” introduced us to a well known figure with a long, storied career. David Fisher provided the evaluation for Brian.

2. Rian’s manual speech, “Permaculture,” introduced the club to the ideas and practical benefits of permaculture planning and gardening. Mimi Stewart provided the evaluation for Rian.

Table Topic for the day was presented by VP of Education, Janet Dowd. She asked the question, “What is your second why.” For example, you may have joined the club to prepare to speak at a wedding, but stay because you realized this could help you be comfortable and confident in large-group settings of all kinds. All members participated, sharing a whole universe of reasons and second reasons.

Marina King reported on our grammar—especially “So.” “So.” and “So.”—for the morning.

Shawn Terjeson provided the general meeting evaluation. He hit the big waypoints in the meeting and recognized Susan for her fantastic job as a first-time Toastmaster. He also reminded us all that when we have the TM role, we are the boss. If we need to skip an item, change the order, or improvise, we can just do.

Awards were presented by Joshua Huisenga: Brian Kostecki took the award for long-form speech, and Marina King (AGAIN!) took the award for Table-topic. Well done to our winners.

Joshua Huisenga brought us humor he somehow remembered from Mary Poppins. “I once knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith.” “What’s the name of his other leg?”

Meeting adjourned early at 8:50 AM.


Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary