14 members in attendance: Patricia Buchanan; Brian Kostecki CC; Shawn Terjeson ATMB; David Fisher; David Trise; David Warren; Rian DeFaccio; Joshua Huisenga; Janet Dowd; Mimi Stewart; Charles E. Furumori, CL; Jim Guenther ATMB; Jean Manwaring ACB; Wendy Cwinar;

Meeting opened at 7:45 AM by Club President Chuck Furumori.

Brian Kostecki did a fine job as Toastmaster this morning. His theme for the day was Olympics, and he shared each member’s favorite olympic sport as their roles were introduced.

Janet Dowd talked about Brian Kostecki’s dedication and hard work on the club’s behalf as our day’s inspiration.

Our word of the day was “ZINGER,” provided by Jean Manuring, related to a recent interest in all things “Z.”

Speeches: Our morning contained three speeches by David Fisher, David Trise, and Pat Buchanan.

1. David Fisher’s icebreaker (manual) speech, “Freedom of Elimination,” introduced us to the life and times, vocations and food philosophy, of one of our newest members. Shawn Terjeson provided the evaluation for David.

2. David Trise’s manual speech, “Usque Baugh,” introduced the club to the fascinating history of Whiskey. Mimi Stewart provided the evaluation for David.

3. Pat Buchanan’s manual speech, “Watercress—who knew?” introduced the club the equally fascinating history of Watercress and its long-known health benefits. Joshua Huisenga provided the evaluation for Pat.

Table Topic for the day was presented by Chuck Furumori. He asked the question, “Who was your worst boss, and why?” A handful of members participated, sharing some very colorful stories about horrible bosses.

Janet Dowd provided the fastest delivered, most detailed grammar report this Secretary has witnessed. Yikes!

Jim Guenther provided the general meeting evaluation. Great meeting overall, and a fine job by Toastmaster Brian Kostecki. Jim reminded us all that when we have the TM role, we are the boss. We can fill roles before the meeting, and the membership should be actively volunteering to fill whatever holes exist in the lineup. This will contribute to a smoothly run meeting.

Awards were presented by Rian DeFaccio: David Trise took the award for long-form speech, and Pat Buchanan took the award for Table-topic (after jumping on her imaginary apron). Shawn Terjeson won tiny Oscar for a clean grammar slate. Well done to our winners.

David Warren made us laugh with the story of his asking the in-laws-to-be for their daughter’s hand in marriage. Very funny. It seems clear that David, should her tire of Real Estate, has a fine career waiting for him in stand-up comedy.

Meeting adjourned early at 8:57 AM.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary