REMINDER: Bring your $45 check for dues next week!

Those in attendance: Chuck Furumori, CL; Brian Kostecki, CC; Norman Bell, CC; Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL; Cause Haun; Jim Guenther, ATMB; David Warren; Josh Huisenga; Marina King; Shawn Terjeson ATMB; Mimi Stewart; Shari Kauffman; Jean Manwaring, ACB; and Pat Buchanan.

Meeting opened at 7:46 AM by Club President Chuck Furumori.

Shawn Terjeson led the meeting as Toastmaster. His opened with the story of a conversation with a new neighbor. She was in finance (run away!) but talking about presentation of finance (intruiging?). Shawn didn’t run, and learned that her presentations are delivered as stories.

Cause inspired us with a political call to action. Going all the way back to ancient Greece, she reminded us that “politic” is NOT a bad word, and “Idiot” used to mean someone unable to participate in the political process (a non-voter). She recommended a book titled “Soul of a Citizen.”

Marina King was our humorist. She asked “What makes people laugh?” and then answered—in a round-about way—”Duck jokes.” I can’t do it justice here, so ask her for the duck joke if you missed it. Perfectly done, Marina.

Table Topics came early in the schedule for this meeting. Joshua Huisenga delivered a topic prepared by Marina King. Members were asked to quickly develop and deliver haiku poetry about Fall. Most members participated with great results. Quick thinking, Earlybirds.

Speeches: Our morning contained three speeches by members Jim Guenther, Mimi Stewart, and David Warren.

1. Jim’s speech, “Grandchildren,” shared the joys and exasperations of an evening with his grandchildren. He asked for very specific feedback for his speech. Josh Huisenga provided the evaluation for Jim’s speech.

2. Mimi Stewart’s speech, “Climate Justice,” called on us to open our eyes to climate injustice, and to follow those most effected by the changing climate and contributing industries. Mykal Amarré provided the evaluation for Mimi.

3. David Warren’s speech, “Understanding the Road System,” revealed the underlying meaning of and reasons for our highway numbering system. He tells me he has more on this subject, all the way down to our local roads. David’s speech was evaluated by Norman Bell.

Word of the Day was strategically introduced later in the meeting to help us all remember it. David Warren gave us “Namby Pamby.” Try to use that in a sentence this week… without getting smacked.

Chuck Furumori provided the general meeting evaluation. His two bits of advice were (1) to cover all roles early in the meeting to ferret out any duplicate role issues, and (2) to give members more notice on the stumper table topics like the Haiku. Perhaps announcing at the beginning of the meeting so people can stew on it a bit.

Shari Kauffman provided our grammarian report, which let us off the hook with a “clean-ish, considering the improv- nature of the meeting.” Phew!

Awards were presented by Brian Kostecki: David Warren claimed the award for long-form speech. Josh Huisenga took home the Table Topic award for his many silly haikus. Probably not fair considering I had more time than most, but I’ll take it.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bring your $45 check for dues next week!

Meeting adjourned early at 9 AM.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary