Those in attendance: Erin (guest), Brian Kostecki CC, Cause Haun, Charles E. Furumori, CL, David Fisher, David Trise, David Warren, Janet Dowd, Jean Manwaring ACB, Jeremy Blum, Jim Guenther ATMB, Joshua Huisenga, Marina King, Mykal Amaré ACB,CL, Shari Kaufman, Shawn Terjeson ATMB, and our newest member, Mic Rhafohn.

Meeting opened by Club President Chuck (secret family cheesecake) just a little late due to inclement weather.

Mykal (anything with cherries) led the meeting as Toastmaster. His theme for the day was dessert! He clued us into everyone’s favorite desserts throughout the meeting.

Jeremy (chocolate-chip-cookie ice cream sandwiches) inspired us with quotes from writer Haruki Murakami.

Mykal then gave us the cast of characters for the day, included dessert favorites for Jim (anything with apples and pears), David Warren (chocolate mousse), and Shari (almond torte).

Shawn, in the role of humorist, floored us all with his theatrical presentation of futurist visions.

Brian (chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream) brought our Table Topic for the morning. He asked, “What kind of food do you really, really not enjoy eating?” All members participated, producing a revolting (for some) menu of various foodstuffs. Liver, in its various forms, was the clear winner. Because I can, here is the full list of despised food items:

  • Brian – liver
  • Janet – liver & hash
  • Josh – beer cheese soup
  • Chuck – chicken sashimi
  • David W – tomatoes
  • Cause – extra spicy food (ask her about shampoo commercials and hot pot snot)
  • Marina – water with some weird fermented walnut tar on a spoon
  • David T – brussel sprouts that the chihuahua wouldn’t even eat (with a side of haggis eruptions)
  • Erin (guest) – chicken that fell off the back of a truck
  • Shawn – celiac disease and other food allergies have rendered once-loved foods inedible, like Mango 😦 Sorry, Shawn!
  • Jeremy – couscous
  • David F – menudo
  • Jean – baked cherries (I whole-heartedly agree, Jean)
  • Jim – bock beer
  • Shari – liver that the german shepherd gladly ate
  • Mykal – liver soup or lutefisk, take your pick

The word of the day was given to us by Josh (pumpkin pie obscured by a mountain of whipped cream)—HINTERLANDS—which means “remote or less developed parts of a country.”

Speeches: Our morning included a single speech by David Trise (bread pudding with sauce and ice cream). His speech introduced us to Cuba, a place that is becoming open to us after being closed off for decades. Marina King (ice cream) provided the evaluation.

Chuck reported on grammar—lots of “so” and “and” fillers throughout the meeting.

David Fisher (vanilla and peanut butter) reported on time.

Janet (something yummy, I’m sure, but we were running short on time) provided the general meeting evaluation with specific details on each part of the meeting.

Brian announced our table topic winner, Cause (home-backed chocolate chip cookies), and long-form winner (and only contestant) David Trise.

Meeting adjourned by President Chuck at 9:03AM.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary