In attendance: Beth Dewey, David Warren, David Fisher, Shawn Terjeson, Brian Kostecki, Mykal Amarré, Shari Kaufman, Janet Dowd, Jeremy Blum, Aaron Gates, Mimi Stewart, Josh Huisenga, new member Martha Isbister, returning member Mary Brennan, Beth Dewey, and Chuck Furumori.

Chuck opened the meeting at 7:45am.

Toastmaster for the day was Brian Kostecki, bringing us his annual holiday meeting. As a special treat, all members got to identify with a specific aspect of holiday cheer. Where able, I’ve included those as members are introduced.

Inspiration was provided by David Warren—a story of Christmas “magic” that had some members tearing up.

Humor was brought by Joshua (Poinsettia) Huisenga—a long-winded holiday travel joke (“Hi, Jack!”).

Two wonderful speakers this morning:

Janet (Silver Bells) Dowd introduced the club to 10,000 Villages, a fair-trade shop she works with. Evaluation was provided by Shawn (Grinch) Terjeson.

Mary (Rudolph) Brennan presented “All I want for Christmas…,” a very entertaining story of holiday misfortune and revenge. Evaluation was provided by Mykal (Fruitcake) Amarré.

Word of the day, “codify,” was provided by Jeremy (Frosty the Snowman) Blum. Codify is defined as “arrange according to a plan or system.”

Our Table Topic was brought by Mary (Rudolph) Brennan. She asked us all to tell the club about what holiday music is important to us. Most members were able to participate.

Jeremy (Frosty) Blum provided our general evaluation. He brought up the topic of sometimes-distracting audience chatter. Soft solutions were provided, along with the “Fine ’em!” To make it simple, let’s just keep the chatter down.

Grammar report was given to us by Dave Warren. “So, so, so” was the word of the day.

Mimi (Snowball) Stewart reported on the vote count. Mary took the award for long-form speech, and Shari and Josh split the award for Table Topic.

Meeting was adjourned by Chuck at 8:58.

Enjoy your holidays, birds. Drive safe, be well, be kind, and be back at ArtsWest on January 6.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary