Chuck opened the meeting at 7:45am.

Toastmaster for the day was “tall and strapping” David Trise.

Inspiration was provided by Cause Haun—she shared a Victor Frankl quote about thoughtful responses.

Humor was brought by David Warren—a list of funny and punny resolutions.

Two wonderful speakers this morning:

Aaron Gates presented “Deductible Health Plans.” Speaking only for myself, this was a fascinating subject that I needed to learn about but never would have on my own. Thank you, Aaron. Evaluation was provided by Beth Dewey.

Shawn Terjeson presented “Institute Business,” a desperate cry for help with his lovely self-fabricated metal Salaal gate, disguised in a clever speech. Evaluation was provided by Josh Huisenga.

Word of the day, “cacophony,” was provided by Chuck Furumori. Cacophony is defined as “a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.”

Our entertaining Table Topic was brought by David Fisher. He asked us all to tell the club about our celebrity experiences. Most members participated. Here is a list of some of the celebrities we have almost rubbed elbows with:

  • Steve Martin
  • Garrison Keallor
  • Harrison Ford
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Al Franken
  • Kenny Loggins
  • Rob Reiner
  • Mel Gibson
  • Dick Quax
  • Jay Miron
  • Joan Collins
  • John Corbet

Susan Davis provided our general evaluation.

Brian Kostecki reported on the vote count. Shawn Terjeson took the award for long-form speech, and Mimi Stewart split the award for Table Topic.

Meeting was adjourned by Chuck at 8:58.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary