In attendance for today’s meeting: Guest and new-member-applicant Carla Newell (welcome, Carla); Martha Isbister; Janet Dowd; Jim Guenther; Brian Kostecki; Joshua Huisenga; David Fisher; David Warren; Jeremy Blum; Shari Kauffman; Mimi Stewart; and Susan Davis

Brian Kostecki (standing in for Chuck Furumori) opened the meeting at 7:45am.

Toastmaster for the day was first-timer David Fisher.

Inspiration was provided by Jeremy Blum—a series of inspiring quotes.

Humor was brought by Janet Dowd—seaux much fun with names.

Word of the day, “Y’all” was also presented by Janet.

Three wonderful speakers for the day:

Mimi Stewart presented “What more can I do?” Evaluation was provided by Jeremy Blum.

Joshua Huisenga presented “Discomfort Zone.” Evaluation was provided by David Warren.

Jim Guenther presented “Experiencing Okinawa.” Evaluation was provided by Mimi Stewart.

Our Table Topic was brought by Shari Kauffman. She asked us to share our superstitions. Most members participated with unique stories, including guest and new-member-applicant Carla Newell.

Susan Davis provided our general evaluation and a brief report on grammar.

Carla Newell reported on the vote count. Josh Huisenga took the award for long-form speech, and Mimi Stewart received the award for Table Topic.

Meeting was adjourned by Brian Kostecki at 9:00am.

Joshua Huisenga
West Seattle Earlybirds / Club Secretary