10 present

Once Josh finally got our attention he swept the rest of the meeting taking the grand prize in Speaking, evaluating and tying David for table topicing.

Inspired by Jean’s opera quotes we learned to live each day like it is your last and remember, how we live each day will give your voice its color.

Toastmaster Janet gave a prize winning performance as she led us through an Olympic meeting.

Rob weighed in with 4 perfect jokes including a blond who went home working on a murder case.

Josh wowed us with his insights from the audience – I hope they pay off for his audience.

Other memorable moments:

Frozen turkey curling in Minnesota

Give me the sport that makes the most money afterwards

Puget Sound is yellow because nature is so prolific

And remember your exercise and your DDA!

Till next time


PS Don’t forget to create a fabulous speech to enter our club contest.