12 present including long lost members Nancy, Chuck and Kristin – Great to see you.

Toastmaster Shawn made it real for Friday. We had a moment of silence to contemplate the happenings of the week. As a confident speaker and presenter and generally thoughtful person remember you have power to speak out and write to improve our world. Let’s leave it better than we found it. Abnegate!

We all went on a wild goose chase looking for little tweets and beeps that turned out more often than not to be a carbon monoxide detector.

Exactly 1 minute Mary was disappointed to find her #1 necklace that she traded for love. Chuck was happy to slice his couch open after two years and find the wedding ring he had traded for love. Jean searched in vain for a tree and Nancy awkwardly hobbled around in mismatched shoes that brought her the trophy in today’s contest.

Carla gave us Brain Rules:

Learn, Exercise, Socialize and let nostalgia rule. We all went back with her to second grade and loved the coat.

Rob shocked and surprised us as he made a new friend that took him for a wild goose chase that ended well.

We as a group were split half and half and the speakers tied for winner.

That’s a wrap.

PS – Look for upcoming data from Moms Demand Action on complete NRA donation information to various members of our governing leaders.

Till next time