Earlybirds 2/23/2018

12 present

While president Josh was out with the bison Beth managed to show up and get the show on the road with Brian’s fabulous help.

Mr. Tequila let us know a day late that Thursday was national margarita day.

We were tenacious in our attempts to use Martha’s word of the day – tenacity.

Jim G warmed us up with his hands and then launched into asking us to March for our Lives or support those that do. Let’s make this time the time that makes a difference.

Beth gave us leadership observations from the bushes.

Beth and Jim tied for the best speaker award.

Mimi asked us to look for the paradigm shift and we all managed to step up!

David is shifting his mind into a new view of retirement.

Carla asks us to consider Evil and God.

Susan enjoyed a little gender bending non sexual dancing

Kristin is trying to ease others into new mind shifts.

Hannah reminded us that as hokey as it sounds happiness is your responsibility and choice.

Rob took home the table topic prize with a story about naughty children on a bus. Or were they?

And remember never to end your sentences with a preposition or you will have the wrath of Kristin upon you. You upon?

Till next time