Yay! Our president Josh is back to guide us! Next week is the run off for speakers for our evaluation and speaker competitors for the area contest!

Masterful Toastmaster Brian led 15 Earlybirds through our Friday hour of inspiration, creation and thought.

Inspiration by Mary and George Bernard Shaw “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Kristen shared all her coveted marbles and then took them all home.

Hannah powerfully and thoughtfully reminded us that it is OK to attack ideas but give compassion to people. Paint that line in each person. Let us go slowly with our mistakes. I was taking notes too slowly and was too mesmerized by her talk to get these fabulous quotes and thoughts accurately recorded.

Shawn got the train rolling and our brains thinking about “why does life want to reproduce?”- an original inspired question that didn’t seem to have an explanation on the WWW.

Table Topics

Lassie, Top Gun, Marvel Universe, Issabella Rosellini, Wizard of Oz, Fractiles, Robert Redford, Jaws, Adventures of Baron Munchhausen, Jimmy Stewart, Get Out. Check em out.

Hannah’s words won best speaker

Janet’s feedback won best evaluator

David’s silent viewing won Table Topics