March 9, 2018

12 present including 2 guests Sherrie Puckett and John Le Conte from that other West Seattle club.

Always something new going on to shake our brains up. This morning Mimi eagerly dove into the meeting and opened for president Josh with a vigorous display of her dancing and beer drinking wins.

Nancy introduced us to a word that was used frequently throughout the morning. Interregnum. You will have to look it up if you missed the meeting.

Carla gave us an example of a non delivery time when an obstetrician can use that phrase “When I count to 3 push”

Mary colorfully described the shock of big brown Farah Fawcett hair of the lovely Donna and the joy of being 2 girls in the rocking 80s. Moral of the story: Don’t pass by that potential new friend.

Guest John tried being an Earlybird and shook our brains up with the new Pathways program coming to a Toastmaster near you.

Guest Sherrie took home the table topics prize with her desire to find that computer program that will help her control the world and not be controlled by it.

Reminder that your dues are due!

I’m off for 6 weeks. Feel free to take the initiative to take notes and prevent there from being an interregnum in the secretarial reign.