We provide the service of recording our members speeches with an opt-in policy.  Some people aren’t comfortable having their speeches made public and we completely respect that.  Having your speeches recorded provides a highly valuable service allowing you to review your own speeches and identify areas for personal improvement.  Any members who opt to have their speeches made public will have them published here which allows our viewers curious about the West Seattle Earlybirds club a glimpse of what to expect when they decide top drop on by.

 2016-MM-DD Everyday Creativity
 2016-MM-DD It’s A Wonderful Day
 2015-12-18 A Dream Realized – A Dream Come True
 2016-04-01 The Womens Sufferage Movement
 2015-12-11 The Message
 2015-12-18 Count Stones Heart
 2016-03-25 “Public Health Science”
 2016-03-25 Trip Back to my Hometown
 2016-03-11 Speaker Introduction
 2016-03-11 Turning Fear into Fun
 2016-02-26 Bees
 2016-04-01 April Fools
 2016-04-08 The Blank Page
2016-04-15 The Village
 2016-04-15 The Hell Yes Life
 2016-04-29 Dahlias
 2016-04-29 Moms Demand Action
 2016-MM-DD A Real Progressive
2015-12-04 “Democracy”
2015-12-04 “Shake and Fold”
2015-11-13 “Recognizing the Gift”
2015-11-13 “Modern Day News” [DOWNLOAD: Powerpoint Slides]
2015-10-30 “Go For It”
2015-10-30 “Help Make Seattle A Better Place to Live”
2015-10-23 “Those Guys Are Around Here All The Time”
2015-10-23 “Art Matters”
2015-10-23 “Why Not?”
2015-10-16 “Ice Breaker”
2015-10-16 “How A Trip To ArtsWest Can Increase Your Income”
2015-10-09 “Guest Speaker: Lisa Herbold”
2015-10-02 “The Election Speech”
2015-10-02 “Why The Heck?” (Guest Speaker: Shannon Braddock)
2015-09-25 “Earworm”
2015-09-25 “Earthly Angel”


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