Please read, print out, put in your calendars and join the club this Friday for a world class meeting with Jean as our Toastmaster of the morning!

1. Welcome: please join me in a warm, warm welcome to Siobhan. We are all thrilled and delighted to have Siobahn join the flock – and her icebreaker speech is next month – bravo!

2. Dues: our 6 month club dues must be to Jean Manwaring by this Friday March 18. Please bring $27 as cash or check payable to the West Seattle Earlybirds. If you are unable to attend this Friday’s meeting please “snail mail” your dues to Jean.

3. April Speaking Schedule: VP of Education Steve Iwai will have the big board with all April speaking spots wide open. Remember those that attend in person this Friday get “first shot” at selecting their roles and dates. After this Friday’s meeting Steve will update Turbobase and the schedule will be wide open to all over the world wide web at

4. Club Contest: This is huge, This is mega. This is big, big, big. Please join me Friday evening on March 25 as we cheer loudly for our club’s contestant Judy Townsend. I’ve competed on the big stage. And the most important thing in the whole wide world is the support of club members in the audience. Please reserve Friday evening for Judy – let’s shower her with love and passion “in person” from her flock! Details on location, start time, finish time all this Friday at our clubhouse – ArtsWest!

5. Name Badges: our club keeps rocking with advanced designations and new members. If you’re new to the club, if you’re missing a name badge, if you’ve earned a new designation please zap Chantal an email and she’ll delight you with an updated name badge. Chantal’s email:

6. Party, Party, Party: The Club’s newest annual event. A summer evening BBQ; Open House; Rated “R” Table Topics and an opportunity to woo new members. BBQ from our very own chef Steve Iwai. Volunteers needed for the committee: setting the date, marketing, set up and clean up. Let’s talk Friday!

7. Club Officers.

Officer Elections for 2011-2012

In a few months the current term will be over and new officers will be installed by July 1, 2011. Our club has grown in terms of new members, new challenges and we look to continue the West Seattle Earlybirds history of leadership, innovation and a world class community speaking club.

So, we will be having our clubs ELECTIONS for President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP Public Relations, Sgt at Arms, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster. The date for the elections to follow. Please submit your names as candidates by emailing the club roster (attached to this email). Your current officer slate is retiring and speaking for myself – will be taking a break from club admin functions and look forward to pursuing my next speaking designation!

8. Club Website: Bernd forgot to write a check and our website is gone for a little bit. Bernd will coordinate with club treasurer Jean and get a cash infusion – hopefully our website will be back up next week.

9. Facebook: Teresa is the club’s social media director. Remember to bring your camera, take snaps and zap your thoughts on each meeting to Teresa for much fun in promoting the Earlybirds. I hear that we’ll have our very own QR code soon which will take those interested directly to our website!

See ya all Friday morning – the line up is spectacular. Jean is an extraordinary Toastmaster. Featured speakers: Teresa, Kim and Jim. I betcha that they are all “Manual Speeches” (especially since the club bought every advanced manual available). Let’s fill the seats at ArtsWest. Let’s get a little rowdy! Let’s make it one the meetings that we talk about for years and years to come!

Cheers and thanks

Peter II
West Seattle Earlybirds Sergeant at Arms in partnership with fellow Sergeants Bonnie and Shawn!