Greetings, fellow toastmasters!

For Friday, September 23, Steve Iwai hosted a meeting that President Kim Boyden praised as “an example of close to a perfect meeting!”

What made it so? Maybe these evocative phrases:

“He carried a 50-cent piece thin as a razor.” (Evaluator Jim Guenther)

“What color underwear are you wearing?” (Money Honey Mary Brennan)

“I like the opportunity to be scatterbrained.” (Humorist Jean Manwaring)

Or maybe perfection was in the way Kim inspired us to be thankful, or how Jean humored us with a shaggy dog story.

Maybe perfection came from our three thoughtful, data-filled speeches.

Shawn Terjeson gave us a commentary on urbanization, “In the City.” A “hippy from the woods,” Shawn told us how he kicked the wood chips from his feet and moved to town. Cities drive innovation, he told us, with their higher population density. Guess what? That density translates into 15% higher wages, too, he said.

Kelsey Diller practiced her research skills with “V is for Vegan,” a deeply felt discussion of the modern animal husbandry practices that convinced her to become a vegan. Controversial and chilling, her talk demonstrated Kelsey’s courage in tackling the Toastmasters agenda with unconventional flair.

Judy Townsend moved the group and won the day’s best speaker award for “Our Veterans.” Her stories about working with vets touched the crowd, and her flawless pacing impressed. Sad stat: veterans experience a 30% higher unemployment rate than average.

The day’s table topic (what do you never leave home without?) inspired attendees to show-n-tell. Mary leavened the mood with lipstick and sarcasm. New member Monir charmed with her GPS named Baby. Peter carries a spark in his eyes; Scott, an all-purpose multi-tool; Eddie, a man purse. Beth travels light, Brian travels with his keys, Shawn travels on bike, and Judy travels with water and protein bars–and has since 1979.

Maybe perfection was in the surprise confessions. Larry conceded that “I like you guys!”–even those who don’t share his views. And vegan Kelsey packs a Bersa 360.

Who knew perfection was so diverse?

Hope to see everyone next week!