One of the biggest reasons for joining Toastmasters is that it is an internationally recognized, established, and accredited organization.  The certifications you obtain here serve as excellent artifacts for professionals who want to highlight they are officially certified with public speaking and leadership skills.

As a new member should you decide to work towards the ultimate certification as a Distinguished Toastmaster you can do so through two possible tracks.  The first and most common is the Communication Track which requires four certification levels:

  • Competent Communicator (CC)
  • Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB)
  • Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS)
  • Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

The alternate track is the Leadership Track which requires three  certification levels:

  • Competent Communicator (CC) (or) Competent Leader (CL)
  • Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)
  • Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)

Each certification level serves as a building block providing you opportunities to learn and practice the basics of public speaking, presenting, and leadership skills.  Over time you will learn to refine and incorporate all of these skills into upcoming speeches which gradually allows you to speak more naturally and comfortably in front of an audience.