Meeting notes for March 11, 2016

Those in attendance: Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL; Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Jim Guenther, ATMB; Josh Huisenga; Chuck Furumori, CL; Mimi Stewart; Jean Manwaring, ACB; Wendy Cwinar; Megan Hyla; Janet Dowd.

The meeting was another great one.

Josh Huisenga, who is our temporary president called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM, Josh you are a natural.

Jean gave us a great inspiration and flag salute.

Jim Guenther was our Toastmaster for the day. It was nice seeing you up there as our TM, Jim.

We had two speakers today, Megan Hyla and Mykal Amaré.

Megan gave us a practice speech for an “Introduction” she is giving for the author Jonathan Kozol. Megan’s speech was a non-manual and was 1:45 minutes.

Mykal’s speech was project 4 from “The Entertaining Speaker” manual. The title of his speech was “Turning Fear into Fun.” The speech was 7:45 minutes in length.

Janet led the Table Topics, this quite interesting, “you are a politician at a debate, make up stuff about you campaign and/or opponent.  

Wendy gave us our humor, in honor of ST. Patrick’s Day, 3 Irish jokes.

Mimi was our Timer.

Chuck evaluated the meeting.

Josh practiced giving speaker evaluations in preparation for Monday’s contest. Excellent job Josh, you will do fine at the contest.

Greg was our Vote Counter

The Area contest will be held on March 14th. Location Burien Library @ 6:30 PM. Come cheer on Jim and Josh.

Next Friday March 18th, Mimi will be our Toastmaster, theme is “The Color Green”

The winners today were, speech-Megan; Table Topic-Chuck and Clean Slate-Mykal.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary