Meeting notes for May 13, 2016

Those in attendance: Mykal Amaré, ACB, CL; Brian Kostecki, CC; Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Jim Guenther, ATMB; Josh Huisenga; Chuck Furumori, CL; Shawn Terjeson, ATMB; Jean Manwaring, ACB; Dave Warren; Shari Kaufman; Rian DeFaccio, Patricia Buchanan joined the West Seattle Earlybirds today.

Welcome to the flock Rian last week and Pat this week.

This Friday the 13th meeting was quite the fun and lighthearted meeting.

Chuck Furumori, who is acting president called the meeting to order at 7:45 AM.

Shawn Terjeson was our fearless Toastmaster. We learn a new phrase from Shawn “whistle juice.”

Rian gave us the Word for the day, “Mumpsimus.” Josh was our Humorist.

Chuck was our Grammarian. Jean was our General Evaluator and Brian was our Timer. Janet was our vote counter.

Shari gave us a great speech titled “Back to Front.” It was a non manual speech. Great prop with your ST. Iff (Patron Saint of Regrets) shrine.

Chuck went over the nominations or volunteers for the new officer roles. Thank you for doing this Chuck, a mark of a real leader. We will take nominations for the next two weeks with a vote on the 27th.

Mykal was our Table Topic Master, topic- “draw a year, describe what was important about that year.”

The winners today were, speech-Shari; Table Topic-Dave and Clean Slate – no one announced.

Shari will be our TM next week. Lisa Herbold will be a guest on the 27th.

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 AM.

Mykal Amaré, Club Secretary