This was our first meeting of the new Toastmaster 2016 – 2017 year.

In attendance: Brian Kostecki CC; David Warren; Greg Phillips, CC, CL; Janet Dowd; Jean Manwaring ACB; Joshua Huisenga; Mimi Stewart; Mykal Amaré ACB,CL; Patricia Buchanan; Rian DeFaccio; Shawn Terjeson ATMB; Susan Davis

Guests: David, Dave (with a hat), and Marina

Meeting opened at 7:46 AM by Mykal Amarré, filling in for Chuck Furumori. Mykal also stepped in as our Toastmaster at the last minute. Thank you Mykal.

David Warren inspired the club with tales of bumblebees, ignorant of their own limitations. He then led us in the flag salute.

Our word of the day, “SLUGABED” was provided by Brian Kostecki. A slugabed is a lazy person who stays in bed late.

Timer was taken on by guest from England, David. Mykal also covered the vote counting, and humor was brought in the form of silly pirate jokes by Gregg “Yarrrgh” Phillips.

Speeches: Our morning contained three speeches by Patricia Buchanan, Jean Manwaring, and Susan Davis.

1. Patricia talked about food history in the world, and specifically in her own life. A fascinating talk by one of our newest recruits to the club. She was evaluated by Shawn Terjeson.

2. Jean rehearsed her storytime duties—part of her volunteer work at the W.S. Food Bank. Janet, David, and Ryan costarred as the sometimes-attentive toddlers. Mimi Stewart provided the evaluation for Jean.

3. Susan presented her icebreaker speech with great skill. She talked about herself, how others may see her as mainstream and normal, while she finds herself constantly on that fringe between different groups, cultures, and worlds. Josh Huisenga evaluated Susan.

Table Topic for the day was presented by Shawn Terjeson. Members were asked to introduce the next speaker, who would then introduce the next, and so on. Many impromptu introductions were presented with little to no information. All three guests participated.

Awards: Susan walked away with the trophy for best long-form speech, while Dave (with a hat) claimed the table-topic trophy with his on-the-spot thinking and radio voice.

Toastmaster for July 15 will be Joshua Huisenga.

Meeting adjourned just before 9:00AM.