In attendance: Brian Kostecki CC; David Warren; Janet Dowd; Joshua Huisenga; Mykal Amaré ACB,CL; Patricia Buchanan; Rian DeFaccio; Shawn Terjeson ATMB; Susan Davis, Jim Guenther ATMB, Joshua Huisenga, Wendy Cwinar, Beth Dewey ACB, and Cause Haun

Guests: David Trise, Dave Fisher, and Marina. Both Davids submitted applications to join the club.

Meeting opened at 7:45 AM by Mykal Amarré, filling in for Chuck Furumori.

Joshua Huisenga was our Toastmaster for the day.

Shawn spoke to the club about the world on edge, and called for us all to step back from the precipice. He then led us in the flag salute.

Our word of the day, “SURREAL” was provided by our wonderful guest, Marina.

Timer duties were performed beautifully by Brian Kostecki. Patricia Buchanan handled the vote counting and entertained us as humorist for the morning.

Speeches: Our morning contained two speeches by Rian DeFaccio and Jim Guenther.

1. Rian’s speech, “Learning Things from Books,” spoke to us about learning new things using recognition, recall, and chunking and strategic repetition. Rian’s fine speech was a manual project and was evaluated by Janet Dowd.

2. Jim’s speech, “Reflections,” shared with us his concerns about the state of our nation and world. He spoke as only one who experienced the civil rights movement 50 years ago could. David Trise provided the evaluation for Jim.

Table Topic for the day was presented by Mykal Ammaré. Members were asked to introduce the club to the special (garden) gnome in their life. Our very creative club had lots of fun with this. All members and guests participated.

Shawn Terjeson reported on our grammar faux pas for the morning. What is usually a quiet and sobering reminder of words not to use was a riotous bout of laughing. I will simply say that I will forever avoid the use of a big fat “SO,” or gratuitous “BUT,” in any way, at any time, around Mr. Terjeson.

David Warren provided our meeting evaluation, covering a little bit of everything and having lots of positive comments about our boisterous, yet structured and on-time, meeting.

Awards were presented by Patricia Buchanan: Fresh off her win for long-form speech last week, Susan Davis claimed the Table-topic trophy with her introduction of “Bad Amy,” magically turned to stone through some very bad behavior. The award for long-form speech was a two-way tie between our club newbie, Rian, and club veteran, Jim. Well done to our winners.

Toastmaster for July 22 will be David Trise.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51 AM.